Wich level would you like to go?

level mixture inter-European building results

The elevator company may just have thought, that scientist language is English. On an English keyboard the ground floor may be the “1st floor” – usually, in some other countries. Would be no problem, just start counting with one. But when the company who painted the staircase is German, they start with the ground floor (Erdgeschoss) followed by the “first floor” or “Level 1″. The elevator, quite often, spits out some disoriented guests. Stickers came there to help, but still there seems to be enough confusion.

An art attack?

An art attack or just for fun?

‘Lately’ at the Heinrich-Plett-Strasse. A half-eaten toast, carefully placed and aligned with the paving of the walkway. Hungry no more  and dropped? Unlikely that it will be aligned that exactly aligned and stand on the edge. An art object? One may remember the ‘fat corner’ of Beuys, here also butter is in the game. Assuming that the bread was placed there about 30 minutes before the photo, then its shadow would be parallel or at right angle to the paving slab. So maybe I just missed the happening. Or just a fun? Well then it has at least brought a cyclist to stop and think about it. Either way, a funny idea, which would have been topped only by just eating the bread.

See you in 2117!

“the lousiest photo of te recent Venus transit in the web”

Venusduchgang, just barely visible

That’s it.
Just missed it, almost.
When can one really rely on the weather foecast..

Sleep (to 6:15),  wake up children (dilly-dally, dilly-dally),open the curtains – “F *** , what’s the sun doing there, it should have been cloudy.

Already 6:30, “F ***, F ***, F ***” – Where is the rescue foil? Where the tripod attachment? Where can I take pictures through fence and leaves? Oops, almost forgot my pants.
6:40 – No time for exposure tests, clouds move in front of the sun. Auto-adjust and pull the trigger – at first focus – a layer of foil too much … man, it’s so boring if everything is well prepared.
Seen Venus? Nope, lack of time, later on the computer. As it finally becamethe – probably – worst picture of the Venus transit 2012 in the web.
Just barely seen it – there are worse things in life.

Forgotten after the last storm tide?

Blankeneser Treppenviertel the other day :

Has the last storm tide reached the roofs of some houses so that this duck is stuck in the gutter?
Is it a decoy that, in absence of a  pond should attract the sunday roast?
Or was this summer simply too wet in Hamburg too?
Well, the roof doesn’t look like there was a nice summer ever.

Lighthouse for cars?

Analog navigation: straight forward!
Analog navigation: straight forward! Available via http://www.pitopia.de/scripts/pictures/detail.php?pid=1359417
Guiding fire for cars?
One of the remaining analog navigation aids at the end of the road? Exactly road, not waterway.
The white light in the tower shows the course apparently only for cars. The seaman wonders: “Where is the missing second, lower fire.” Who cares, full speed towards the 3m high flood protection wall waiting at the end of the street.
The solution:
About 300m behind the viewpoint the road turns a bend and on the banks of the Elbe the lower  light can be found. Together with the top light on Bubendey shore it guides the new direction after a bend of the Elbe navigation channel of kilometers downstream.