Forgotten after the last storm tide?

Blankeneser Treppenviertel the other day :

Has the last storm tide reached the roofs of some houses so that this duck is stuck in the gutter?
Is it a decoy that, in absence of a  pond should attract the sunday roast?
Or was this summer simply too wet in Hamburg too?
Well, the roof doesn’t look like there was a nice summer ever.

Lighthouse for cars?

Analog navigation: straight forward!
Analog navigation: straight forward! Available via
Guiding fire for cars?
One of the remaining analog navigation aids at the end of the road? Exactly road, not waterway.
The white light in the tower shows the course apparently only for cars. The seaman wonders: “Where is the missing second, lower fire.” Who cares, full speed towards the 3m high flood protection wall waiting at the end of the street.
The solution:
About 300m behind the viewpoint the road turns a bend and on the banks of the Elbe the lower  light can be found. Together with the top light on Bubendey shore it guides the new direction after a bend of the Elbe navigation channel of kilometers downstream.