See you in 2117!

“the lousiest photo of te recent Venus transit in the web”

Venusduchgang, just barely visible

That’s it.
Just missed it, almost.
When can one really rely on the weather foecast..

Sleep (to 6:15),  wake up children (dilly-dally, dilly-dally),open the curtains – “F *** , what’s the sun doing there, it should have been cloudy.

Already 6:30, “F ***, F ***, F ***” – Where is the rescue foil? Where the tripod attachment? Where can I take pictures through fence and leaves? Oops, almost forgot my pants.
6:40 – No time for exposure tests, clouds move in front of the sun. Auto-adjust and pull the trigger – at first focus – a layer of foil too much … man, it’s so boring if everything is well prepared.
Seen Venus? Nope, lack of time, later on the computer. As it finally becamethe – probably – worst picture of the Venus transit 2012 in the web.
Just barely seen it – there are worse things in life.

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